Wilderness Conservation Corps Internship (WCC)

The Corps is a semi-professional crew made up of college and high school youth that are selected based upon their desire to pursue natural resource careers, a proven work ethic, and the ability to participate in extended backcountry trips.  

Wilderness Conservation Interns work as a team of four (4) interns under the supervision of an experienced Wilderness Crew Leader.  Work includes three weeks of training followed by five (5) x ten (10) day backcountry projects.  Project work includes trail maintenance, noxious weed removal, and campsite impact monitoring.  Interns are expected to help the Crew Leader with pre and post project preparation, tool maintenance, and group cooking while in the backcountry.   

Wilderness Ranger Internship (WRI)

The Wilderness Ranger Internship is a field based training program for college students interested in pursuing natural resource related careers.  Following three weeks of training with the BMWF, Wilderness Ranger Interns work alongside USFS Wilderness Rangers, volunteers, and other Forest Service staff to support wilderness management objectives within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.  Intern duties are tailored to the needs of the District that the Intern is assigned to.

Tasks may include conducting trail maintenance and restoration using primitive tools, collecting data to document Wilderness Character and inform management decisions, and managing noxious weeds using best practices for removal and treatment. 

A look into the life of a Wilderness Ranger Intern. 

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