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Packing for your stay in a Backcountry Cabin

Packing: Volunteer Packers from the Back Country Horsemen will be transporting your gear, food, and art supplies to the wilderness cabin.  Each animal can carry up to 150 lbs. (75 pounds per side), please limit your total gear weight to 300 lbs.  Also, place your items in duffle bags or equivalent bags for easy packing onto stock.  Please be prepared to carry some of your items to the cabin if need be. 

Gear:  Please wear hiking boots with ankle support; you will need these for those long days of hiking. You are also expected to provide your own personal gear (sleeping bag, backpack, food, etc).  The Forest Service cabin will have all cooking utensils and pans, stove, and propane.  Remember to bring sandals or some type of water crossing footwear as you will be fording several streams.   

  •  Food – Think lightweight when planning your meals. Food weight is part of your total weight available for packing everything in (art supplies, personal gear, etc). We can offer suggestions on what to bring if you like. 
  •  A Cooler of food on ice is ok, BUT the ice will only last 4 days

Packing list for Backcountry Cabin:                                                                                                         

  • BEAR PEPPER SPRAY (to carry during hikes)
  • RAIN JACKET AND PANTS (good quality)                                                                                  
  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Tent (if you plan to camp outside the cabin)
  • Sleeping pad (if you plan to camp outside the cabin) 
  •  Hiking clothes (non-cotton recommended)                   
  •  Well-broken in hiking boots with ankle support and hiking socks (wool or synthetic)
  •  Warm clothes; come prepared to dress in layers. Nights and mornings can be cold. Bring along your long underwear, wool/synthetic sweaters, hat, gloves,  etc.     
  • Camp shoes/sandals (suggestion: have handy in your day pack for the hike in: there might be stream crossings!)
  • Water bottles/Camelback—at least 2 liters (3 liters recommended).  Please do not overlook this suggestion!
  • Water purification tablets/small personal water filter (also provided in the cabin)
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Sun hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen (non- fragrant type, bears like smelly stuff)
  • Bug repellent
  • Personal medications (allergies? Epi-pen?)
  • Toiletries and Toilet paper  (non-fragrant, bears like smelly stuff)
  • Waterproof matches/ lighter (these will be in the cabin also)
  • Dish rag, soap and towels
  • Small garbage bag(s) for kitchen trash can
  • Your favorite map of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex (FNF will mail one to you, too)
  • Cabin Key and/or combination (we will give you this)
  • Lightweight Backpack for day hikes and hike into the cabin

Optional items - Keep it light!:

  • Leatherman or all-purpose tool (not in airline carry-on!)
  • Battery powered travel alarm clock
  • Personal biodegradable soap
  • Camera (and waterproof bag)
  • Books, journals, pens