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Whether you’re an avid backpacker who wants to hit the trail with a new group, a life-long visitor to The Bob who wants to lend to its stewardship, or a first time camper who’s comforted by having a trip leader plan meals and watch out for your safety, BMWF's volunteer vacations are a great way to get outside and give back to Wilderness. 

There’s no more intimate way to explore the Wilderness of Montana than by helping to build and maintain trails here.  You can volunteer for as little as one day or a weekend, or you can spend a week backpacking in the Western Montana wilderness.  Families and children ages 12+ are welcome.

Summer 2017 Volunteer Adventures





bmwf #1 National trails day

June 2nd

Lincoln Ranger District

BMWF #2 Deep creek 

June 12-16

Rocky Mountain Ranger District

weeds #01 Webb Lake 

June 22-25

Lincoln  Ranger District

BMWF #03 Sun River 

June 22-27

Rocky Mountain Ranger District

BMWF #04 Meadow Lake 

June 22-28

Lincoln Ranger District

BMWF #05 Skiuma 

June 23-24

Hungry Horse  Ranger District

BMWF #06 Dryfork

June 30-July 4

Seeley Lake Ranger District

weeds #02 Danaher

July 1-8

Spotted Bear  Ranger District

BMWF #07 HQ Pass/Our Lake  


Rocky Mountain Ranger District 

bmwf #08 hobnail tom 

July 6-10

Rocky Mountai Ranger District

weeds #3 winter ridge

July 29-August 5

Spotted Bear Ranger District

BMWF Indian Meadows



July 31-August 3

Lincoln Ranger District 

weeds #4 Pretty prairie

August 11-16

Rocky Mountain Ranger District

bmwf #10 indian creek

August 19-25

Rocky Mountain Ranger District

Hungry Horse  Ranger District 

August 22-26

BMWF #15 Elk Lake

weeds #5 castle lake

August 22-27

Hungry Horse Ranger District

bmwf #11 snake loop

August 25-28

Hungry Horse Ranger District

weeds #6 lower south fork float

September 1-3

Spotted Bear Ranger District

bmwf #12 pendant turnpike

September 2-7

Spotted Bear Ranger District

bmwf #13 big prairie

September 3-11

Spotted Bear Ranger District

bmwf #14 heart lake restoration

September 9-12

Lincoln Ranger District

I got to foster my love of the outdoors, and was able to give back a little at the same time. Thanks so much for the chance to be part of something so big and wonderful, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do it all again next summer
— 2015 volunteer