Project Start Date: 


Ranger District:

Rocky Mountain Ranger District


Benchmark Trailhead


Backcountry Cabin  

miles to camp:

7 miles of river grade hiking with 474 feet of elevation gain.

hiking difficulty


work difficulty


Project Description

Join us for some trail clearing along the scenic Sun River. Volunteers will be camping at Pretty Prairie cabin along the Sun River. The cabin will be used for cooking and food storage, and volunteers will pitch tents outside under the stars. The work will focus on clearing the Sun River Trail #265 from Pretty Prairie towards Windfall Creek, and beyond. Crews will be working with Crosscuts and Handsaws as they clear their way along the trail. You’ll be crossing the Sun River each day to get to the worksite, so don’t forget your river crossing shoes! This is a two day work trip with two days as your travel days. Be sure to get your fishing license for this trip. The trout will be hungry!


For a packing list and other helpful information:


USFS Information Center on Manix Street, Augusta, MT.  Carpool to the trailhead to meet the packer.

Meeting Date and Time: 

8:00AM August 16th, 2019

1 spot available