Granite cabin provides rustic accommodations in a diverse forest settings. This cabin requires a 6.5 mile hike over uneven ground. Granite cabin is a "bare-bones", primitive cabin equipped with a wood heating stove, propane cooking stove, table, and chairs, eating and cleaning gear, propane lights or Coleman lanterns and sleeping bunks. A rustic pit toilet is located outdoors. Wood and an axe are provided for firewood.

Program participants must bring their own food, various condiments, sleeping bag, pillow, and extra clothes. In the backcountry cabins water is taken from area rivers or streams to use for cooking, drinking and cleaning. It is recommended you boil your water or use a water filter.

Pack-in assistance is arranged through the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation and generously donated by the local Back country Horsemen chapter. Horse and mules can transport personal gear, food and supplies to the cabin. Artist are responsible for carrying some personal supplies as well as day hiking gear.  Due to limited pack stock, it is important to pack light! Further training and recommended packing list will be given to the selected artists.

 For participants staying at backcountry cabins it is recommended to bring along a companion that can stay with you during your residency. A two-way radio is provided during your stay. Pets are only approved to stay at cabins on a case-by-case basis at the time artist applies for a residency. Firearms are not allowed at the Forest Service administrative cabins.

Granite cabin is located near a river popular with boaters as well as hikers. Expect to see people traveling through the area during your stay. 

Wildlife (bears, wolves, deer) are also common visitors in the area. It is strongly recommended you carry bear spray while in the backcountry.