Project Start Date: 


Ranger District:

Spotted Bear Ranger District


Pyramid Pass


Backcountry Primative  

miles to camp:

5 miles and +2,200 ft elevation gain  

hiking difficulty


work difficulty


Project Description

Looking for a way to give back to your public lands in tangible ways? Come join your fellow Sierra Club members for some good times in the Bob Marshall Wilderness! Get dirty and a bit sore while experiencing a true connection with the landscape through Stewardship. Volunteers will meet the Crew Leader Saturday afternoon in Seeley Lake and camp for the evening. After a hearty breakfast, you will all head to the trailhead to meet the packer and his mules. After sorting gear and supplies for the packer and shouldering your backpack, you will hike the 5 miles into camp. Basecamp will be at Pyramid lake on the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Monday- Friday volunteers will be put to work to keep Trail #278 from disappearing.  Saw, saw, saw; clear, clear, clear.  Will you make it a mile, maybe two? After work relax by the lake or try your luck at fishing! There will be a day off mid week to explore the area or just focus on fishing. Saturday the group will pack up and hike back out to the trailhead and civilization.

As Rob from the Missoulian states "So why go to the trouble? Aside from the fishing, huckleberry bushes, amazing wildflower slopes and opportunity to scramble up Pyramid Peak and gaze into the vastness of the 1 million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, there are several excellent providers of milkshakes in Seeley Lake, at the civilized end of the trailhead road." 

BMWF will provide all food, tools and group gear. For a packing list and other helpful information:


Volunteers will meet the BMWF Crew Leader at the Seeley Lake Ranger Station and car camp for the evening.  

Meeting Date and Time: 

7/27/19 at 5 PM  

Pre registration with the Sierra Club required.