Project Start Date: 


Ranger District:

Rocky Mountain Ranger District


Mortimer Gulch 


Backcountry Cabin  

miles to camp:

11 miles with 1,250" elevation gain 

hiking difficulty


work difficulty


Project Description

Construction project! Volunteers will build a turnpike about a mile from the Cabin Creek Cabin. Turnpikes elevate the trail over wet ground in hopes to keep your boots dry as you hike through a boggy spot. The work done here will help hikers and pack animals keep their feet dry and give them sound footing for years to come. The group will be using the cabin for cooking and storage and will sleep out under the stars in tents. This work will involve lots of hauling logs and gravel, as well as helping our four legged friends provided by volunteer packers from Sun Canyon Lodge…they will be helping to haul the gravel, but volunteers will be loading and unloading, and spreading gravel. Enjoy a day off mid week to fish the North Fork of the Sun, or hike in the surrounding area.


For a packing list and other helpful information:


 Volunteers will meet the BMWF Crew Leader in Augusta at the USFS Information Station located on Manix St.. From there the group will caravan to trailhead and camp for the night. 

Meeting Date and Time: 

Tuesday, August 24th, 5:30 PM

7 of 8 spots available