Project Start Date: 


Ranger District:

Rocky Mountain Ranger District


Middle Fork Teton 


Primitive Backcountry Site 

miles to camp:

16.5 miles to camp with 2,454 feet of elevation gain in the first nine miles, and then 2,979 feet of elevation loss after crossing over Route Creek Pass  

hiking difficulty


work difficulty


Project Description

This project is not for the faint of heart, and is one of our most strenuous projects of the season. The pay off will certainly be the views and the complete immersion into The Bob. Volunteers should be prepared to hike at a 2.5 to 3 mile per hour pace so we can assure the crew reaches camp at a safe hour. The 16.7 mile hike to camp begins with a steady 2,500’ climb as it passes over Route Creek Pass and drops another 2,900’ as it passes out into the rolling country of the Sun River Valley. You will then continue pass Wrong Creek Cabin across the North Fork of the Sun River to your camp along Lick Creek. You will then work on clearing the old lookout trail towards Moonlight Peak where you will enjoy the stunning views of the North Chinese Wall. Enjoy a day off mid-week to explore the north wall a little more, or drop back down to the Sun River for some excellent fishing!

BMWF will provide all food, tools and group gear. For a packing list and other helpful information click on the button below. 


Volunteers will meet the BMWF Crew Leader at the Rocky Mountain Ranger Station in Choteau Montana and caravan to Cave Mtn campground where you will camp for the night for an early start on the 27th!

Meeting Date and Time: 

Friday, July 26th at 5:30 PM  

6 of 8 spots available