Project Start Date: 


Ranger District:

Rocky Mountain Ranger District


Mortimer Gulch 


Backcountry Primitive   

miles to camp:

Boat ride if water levels allow!

hiking difficulty


work difficulty


Project Description

This is our first 'Platinum' trip! What does that mean? Well, this project is similar to the other great service projects we offer, but this one has a few extra perks. The project begins with a boat ride to camp (water levels permitting*).

Sandwiched between towering peaks along the Rocky Mountain Front, Gibson Reservoir is a spectacular location.  A camp cook will prepare wholesum, fresh and nutritious meals.  A day off from trail work may provide you the opportunity to visit the beautiful K Bar L Ranch  for a soak in the warm springs and a tour of the ranch*.  Or simply spend the day fishing and swimming in the Sun River. 

In addition, we've lined up a rewarding project!  Volunteers will work on trail #243 - Lang Creek. This trail needs some clearing and brushing.  Starting from camp each day, you will cut downed tress and lop brush out of the trail.  At the end of the work day you will look down the trail with pride as the cleared pathway stretches back to camp and a specially cooked meal (and beverages too!).  Cross-cuts and hand saws are the tools of choice. 

To participate on this special platinum project, we are requesting a $300 donation. The donations made for this project will help fund Wilderness Ranger Internships. 

* Depending upon water levels in the reservoir, you will be treated to a boat ride to camp.  If water levels are low you will hike 6 miles to camp but later in the week will have the opportunity to visit K Bar L. 

BMWF will provide all food, tools and group gear. For a packing list and other helpful information:


 Volunteers will meet the BMWF Crew Leader in Augusta at the USFS Information Station located on Manix St.. From there the group will caravan to the baot launch. 

Meeting Date and Time: 

Thursday, July 19th at 8:00 AM 

1 of 8 spots available