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Ranger District:

Spotted Bear Ranger District


Cedar Flats Put-in


Backcountry Primitive  

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Project Description

Second annual Platinum trip! This project is similar to our other great adventures, but we are requesting a $300 minimum donation to the BMWF to participate. This is a great way for the foundation to have a fundraiser in the middle of field season! Volunteers on this project will be treated to healthy and hearty meals prepared by a designated cook. Boats and river gear is provided as well as group gear. Its not all rest though! After a day of floating you will help out by hand pulling and bagging knapweed along a gravel bar the next day. On the last day you will continue your float to the takeout, sort your gear and head home. The Wild and Scenic designated river supports an acclaimed, all native fishery enjoyed by the public and is economically important to the local outfitting industry. You'll be helping to make sure this special place stays wild!

To participate on this special platinum project, we are requesting a $300 donation. The non-refundable donations made for this project will help fund Wilderness Ranger Internships. 

BMWF will provide all food, tools and group gear.


Volunteers will meet the BMWF Crew Leader at the Spotted Bear Ranger Station and camp overnight on the compound.  The group will caravan to the Cedar Flats put-in early in the morning of 7/22.

Meeting Date and Time: 

Sunday, July 21st at 5pm

1of 8 spots available