Project Start Date: 


Ranger District:

Spotted Bear Ranger Station


Owl Creek


Backcountry Cabin

miles to camp:

28 miles over two days with approx. 2800 ft in elevation change

hiking difficulty


work difficulty


Project Description

Lying at the foot of the Flathead Alps in the heart of The Bob, Big Prairie is an iconic wilderness destination with crystal clear night skies and some of the best fishing in the lower 48. Spend 9 days immersed in Wilderness while clearing summit trails to Butcher Mountain and Tilson Peak. Be prepared for long approach hikes, days filled with sawing using a crosscut, and rewarding scenery and experiences! A day off in the middle of the week will allow you to put your feet up at the historic Big Prairie Wilderness Ranger Station where the Rangers will give you a fine "howdy do."

For a packing list and other helpful information:


Volunteers will meet the BMWF Crew Leader at the Owl Creek Campground. The Group will camp at the trailhead for an early start on 8/19/18.

Meeting Date and Time: 

August 18th, 5 PM

8 of 8 spots available